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On the road to Kabul -- Arrival at Kabul -- The reception -- Afghan hospitals -- Afghan dwellings -- The Kabul bazaars -- Ethics -- Afghan surgeons and physicians -- The march to Turkestan -- The Amîr -- Life in Turkestan -- The inhabitants of Afghanistan -- The birth of Prince Mahomed Omer -- The rearing of the infant Prince -- The Amîr's conversation -- The first sitting -- The Amîr as an art critic -- The levee on New Year's day -- The young Princes -- The return journey to Kabul -- The arrival in Kabul -- Life in Kabul -- The Amîr's illness -- Royal patients -- A Kabul winter -- A Kabul spring -- On leave -- The welcome to Kabul -- The cholera -- Another winter -- Adieu to Kabul -- The argument.


London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1895. 523 page.

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