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9 Mizan 1343. IN THE NAME OF GOD, THE ALMIGHTY AND THE JUST TO reorganize the national life of Afghanistan according to the requirements of the time and on the basis of the realities of national history and culture; TO achieve justice and equality; TO establish political, economic and social democracy; TO organize the functions of the State and its branches to ensure liberty and welfare of the individual and the maintenance of the general order; TO achieve a balanced development of all phases of life in Afghanistan; and TO form, ultimately, a prosperous and progressive society based on social co-operation and preservation of human dignity; WE, the People of Afghanistan, conscious of the historical changes which have occurred in our life as a nation and as a part of human society, while considering the above-mentioned values to be the right of all human societies, have, under the leadership of His Majesty Mohammed ZaNr Shah, the King of Afghanistan and the leader of its national life, framed this Constitution for ourselves and the generations to come.


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