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European Paintings and Sculpture from Joslyn Art Museum

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Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine and Agnes exhibits many features of the sixteenthcentury Netherlandish artist Jan Gossaert’s distinctive style, though it was more likely executed by a follower. The minutely rendered details of the garments and architecture follow the conventions of fifteenth-century Northern European painting, which Gossaert and the artist of this triptych adopted. In placing the figures in elaborate architectural frameworks, the artist laid claim to a distinctive Gossaert trademark. It is also evident that the painter was familiar with specific examples of Gossaert’s work. The extravagant throne behind the Virgin and Child, with its gilded linear ornament and dangling pendants, replicates the architecture in the panel of Saint Peter from Gossaert’s so-called Salamanca Triptych. The background of Gossaert’s Saint Luke Portraying the Virgin (c. 1520; Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna) provided the model for the barrel-vaulted spaces of Saints Catherine and Agnes in the wings.


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Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine and Agnes, c. 1520 oil on panels by Jan Gossaert, central panel: 41x30.5in., each wing 41x23.5in, Gift of Mrs. Charles V. Hickox, 1958.361.A-C

Madonna_and_child_with_Saints_Catherine_and_Agnes_c.1520.tif (291068 kB)
Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine and Agnes, c. 1520 oil on panels by Gossaert