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The University of Nebraska at Omaha celebrates its Diamond Jubilee during 1983. During its 7 5-year history the institution has undergone numerous changes. It now has a different name than when founded in 1908. Its campus is in a different location. It has become part of a large state university system, having passed through stages of being a locally and a municipally owned university. But through it all UNO has maintained a position of preparing its students . . . "To earn a living and live a cultured life. Not as two processes but as one."

The author of A History of the University of Nebraska at Omaha 1908-1983, Dr. Tommy R. Thompson, professor of history at UNO, describes milestone events, activities, good times and bad, fortunes and misfortunes, in a readable and lively style. Through the accurate descriptions and nostalgic pictures readers will experience again the growth and development of one of Nebraska's leading educational institutions.

This book is the first published history of the University of Nebraska of Omaha. It is an integral part of UNO's Diamond Jubilee Celebration, tying together the rich history of the university's first 75 years in a colorful manner. It will be as vivid in 2008 when UNO marks its centennial as it is in 1983.


The Municipal University of Omaha/University of Nebraska at Omaha sports team name of "Indians" was abolished in May 1971, along with associated mascots, nicknames, and other references to Native American imagery or terms (such as the yearbook name "Tomahawk"). UNO would be briefly without a mascot, until "Mavericks" was selected in October 1971. The university now recognizes that the mascot and associated depictions is offensive. When the university first selected this mascot in 1939, school mascots based on Native American stereotypes were common. Many artifacts, publications, names, and other material from university history from the period 1939 through 1971 depict Native American caricatures, and it is difficult to present materials from this era without showing or acknowledging this mascot. We accept this as a part of our history, as we accept that the 1971 mascot change represented a positive step for the university.

Statement on Harmful Material: Materials in UNO Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections are historical in nature and reflect the society in which they were produced. As such, they may contain racial, gender, sexual, religious, and other language and imagery that are offensive by today's standards. The documents, images, publications, and other materials have been retained in order to fully represent the materials in their original format. If the offensive text is not in the original, but in a finding aid, catalog record, or other description created by library employees, please contact Archives and Special Collections to bring this to our attention. Archives & Special Collections is guided by the core values of the Society of American Archivists. If you have questions about this statement or about Archives and Special Collections’ work, we welcome your feedback. Please contact us at or 402-554-6046.

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Copyright 1983, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska.

Library of Congress No. 83-050296.

Distributed by The University of Nebraska at Omaha Alumni Association.

A History of the University of Nebraska at Omaha 1908-1983

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