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General aviation delivers transport of critical cargo and passengers, and offers the joy of recreational flying to people. The FAA reports that the US general aviation activities reached almost 23 million flight hours in 2013; however, along with these activities there is a considerable amount of gaseous and particulate matter exhaust emissions. One set of parameters required to precisely estimate the mass of gaseous and particulate matter exhaust emissions is the landing and take-off (LTO) cycle characteristics. This paper develops a model to identify each phase of flight in the LTO cycle for general aviation operations to be used in exhaust emissions analyses. The definitions of each phase of flight used for exhaust emissions purposes are compared to the definitions for general use and for use in safety analysis. Using an emission analysis viewpoint, the duration of each phase of flight and the average fuel flow rate in each phase of flight are estimated from flight data. These durations and fuel flow rates are necessary for estimating the mass of specific gaseous and particulate matter emissions using the emissions indices available in the International Civil Aviation Organization Aircraft Engine Emissions Databank. The current parameters available in the system tables in the Emissions and Dispersion Modeling System (EDMS) were developed prior to the availability of technologically advanced aircraft in the fixed wing, reciprocating engine small aircraft such as the Cirrus SR-20. The LTO model is analyzed using a sample of historical flight data of the Cirrus SR-20 fleet of Purdue University. When compared to EPA, ICAO and FOCA durations, the data from the SR-20s is shown to be different using a statistical significance of 0.05.


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