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A two weeks session of excavations was conducted from June 25th to July 4th , 2018. Since the expedition was arranged late in time, the group of excavators was limited to 16 participants.

The team included the architects Kenneth Bensimon from Washington State, Nic Birt from New Zealand, co-director and area supervisor Dr. Carl Savage, Drew University, Dr. Stefania Peluso Greco-Roman pottery expert, Haifa University, photographer Hanan Shafir, co-director Dr. Jerome Hall, University of San Diego, and director Prof. Rami Arav, University of Nebraska at Omaha and the Hebrew Union College Jerusalem.

This year the expedition was lodged at the guesthouse of Kibbutz Gadot. The team wish to thank the hosts for the nice, cordial and efficient hospitality.

This season was conducted under the sponsorship of the Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem. We wish to thank Dr. David Ilan, the director of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology at the Jerusalem campus of the Hebrew Union College, for his efforts to sponsoring the excavation.

Special thanks for Koret Foundation of San Francisco and Justice Abraham David Sofaer for the generous support to the success of this excavation season.

Bethsaida Excavation Project, Field Report



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