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The 2005 excavation season was concentrated in three main areas, two locations in Area A, and one in Area C. The purpose of the excavations in Area A was to obtain further data on the Roman and Hellenistic levels south of the Roman temple. For this report, this area is called Area A West. This area surrounding the Roman temple is important in understanding the temple. The temple has been excavated in the previous seasons and it is identified with the Roman Imperial cult, built by Philip, the son of Herod, in the year 30 CE.

Chamber 2 at the Inner City Gate was excavated in order to reveal the nature of Stratum 6 in this area. The third excavated place this season was the road leading to the outer city gate. This area yielded more segments of the paved road leading to the city.

Area C contains Roman and Hellenistic remains of a residential quarter. So far, a few buildings and two intersecting paved lanes have been discovered. The purpose of the excavation in this place was to obtain more data on the Hellenistic and early Roman private homes.



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