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Remote human motion tracking and gait analysis over wireless networks can be used for various e-healthcare systems for fast medical prognosis and diagnosis. However, most existing gait tracking systems rely on expensive equipment and take lengthy processes to collect gait data in a dedicated biomechanical environment, limiting their accessibility to small clinics located in remote areas. In this work we propose a new accurate and cost-effective e­ healthcare system for fast human gait tracking over wireless networks, where gait data can be collected by using advanced video content analysis techniques with low-cost cameras in a general clinic environment. Furthermore, based on video content analysis, the extracted human motion region is coded, transmitted, and protected in video encoding with a higher priority against the insignificant background area to cope with limited communication bandwidth. In this way the encoder behavior and the modulation and coding scheme are jointly optimized in a holistic way to achieve the best user-perceived video quality over wireless networks. Experimental results using H.264/AVC demonstrate the validity and efficacy of the proposed system.


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DOI: 10.1109/MWC.2010.5416349

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