Plato and the Boxes

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Dr. Nikitah Imani, Department Chair of Black Studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha, gave a out of the box (pun intended) talk about Plato and the boxes that have framed the society we live in today. He goes into how people have gone to the box as a way to "figure people out" and through doing so sees the box and not the human being that is subjected to it. His insights around how this ties into leadership, social justice, and how we see the world is deep, wise, and inspiring. He empowers our leaders to let go of the boxes, become a change agent through supporting people using a model of scaffolding that allows people to be mutually liberated.

This talk was given as part of Maverick Diversity Coalition's training on October 20, 2012. Maverick Diversity Coalition is UNO's official diversity and social justice program board what works to offer experiences that empower students to develop their full potential internally and externally through creating spaces and programs that explore the dynamics of intersecting identities, systems, and the complex realities of individuals, communities, and society. Through the event planning and collaboration process, students develop their knowledge, skills, and passions to become impactful leaders.

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