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This study attempts to investigate the question and the problem: The Question: “who is voting and who is not voting. If not why”. For my total Case Study the previous Quantitative narrative was the precursor to this qualitative analysis. The quantitative analysis provided a base for the qualitative. From the Part 1 Quantitative summary “What was significant, the findings supported the two hypotheses clearly.” The hypotheses and data qualifiers were as follows:


  1. That Blacks and non-whites are outvoted by Whites.
  2. That older citizens outvote younger voters

Data Qualifiers

  1. That a larger than usual sample of the survey participants may come from students and therefore could skew upwards the younger voters
  2. That non-white voters whose most recent vote was 2008 (Obama vote) may skew the non-white data upwards and may be removed from the survey to create normalcy.

This segment of the study, the qualitative analysis will try to develop the base analysis with a possible answer to the question of the Case Study ”… who is not voting. If not why”. From the previous report (Part 1) we know who is not voting, Non-whites and the young. Now we seek from the survey and interviews “Why”.


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