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Summer 2004

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Journal of Radical Pedagogy






As a direct result of the pervasive nature of Eurocentrism and Platonic epistemology in the academy today, teaching undergraduates is a special challenge for those who are viewed as representations of cultural others. This presents such teachers with what may be described at best as “unique” classroom experiences. Their “being” is rendered in a manner that places it on trial. This trial, taking place in the mind of the student becomes an additional barrier to the learning process, and oft-times a crutch that allows the interjection of variables of social and cultural stratification when the lack of academic preparation is the crux of the issue. This affects the utility of alleged student “evaluation” processes and ultimately can impact the overall effectiveness of pedagogical environments. The veteran teacher and scholar here invites us into “his” experiential world of teaching as an “other” that we might all benefit from examining these questions in terms of developing theory and empirical practice to ameliorate these effects in modern U.S. classrooms.