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In my last and most recent column entitled THE CHANGING “FACE” OF NORTH OMAHA”, I discuss the advent of a steady migration into North Omaha from a worldwide immigrant and refugee population. I listed: Sudanese, Somalian, Vietnamese, Laotian, El Salvadorian, Guatemalan, refugee, immigrant, Afghanistan. Mexican, Iranian, Burmese to name a few. All great people and cultures in their own right. But my focus was and is on the resulting dynamics. My focus is narrowed to North Omaha Only. I suggest you read part1 for understanding of my thrust. In summary I declare that these new communities by in large bring marginal enhancements and little wealth, community engagement and voting. Part 1 challenges our community to seek coalitions but to recognize the watering down of our already dismal north Omaha Voting power and leverage. My challenge to our community is to recognize that Black votes Matter.


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