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By now many of you have received your ballots and in fact already have voted. The forecast from the election commission is that over 40% of our voters will vote early. This issue of the Omaha Star will surface to its readers October 22nd. By now the deadline for voter registration will have passed, except in person at the Election Commission. (225 N 115th). By now there is only one week left until a request for an early ballot can be received (October 28th).

My message is directed to those of you who still have not voted, those of you who are “sitting” on your ballot, those of you who are yet to receive an early ballot and those who plan to vote at the polls. Time out for those of you who plan not to vote. A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump, a vote for Clinton is a vote for Clinton, not voting is a vote for Trump. If you are comfortable with that no vote, then less power to you.


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