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In 2008 North Omaha 62% of the registered voters, actually voted, that % is called voter turnout. In 2012 the turnout was 55%. In 2016, in spite of repeated warning from this column and elsewhere that unless we voted, candidate Trump could win and that could be disastrous to urban communities like north Omaha. Well we voted at a dismal 47% and candidate Trump has become the President of the USA. Now in less than 60 days since becoming President, there have been cuts in federal programs that our community needs, dumb immigration policies, foreign policies that could bring us into serious war(s), health care for millions in jeopardy and more. cx

We are constantly ignoring the importance of our vote and assuming the results will be different, that’s called insanity. Our small vote in 2016 was insane. What should we do in 2017?

If you voted in 2016 vote in 2017. If you did not vote, get it right this time and vote!!!


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