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Did you know that he (she) had a stroke? The aforementioned, menacing question is being asked in every city, every social circle and every family, every day. Most recently, this haunting question has been asked about me, 76 years-old, 225 pounds, 6’4,” and by all appearances in great health, but I indeed, had a stroke. I had a stroke on the third day in 2019, and I am writing this article because my experience with my stroke and to increase the awareness of my community to the its dangers and to provide some facts and some precautions as it relates to strokes. I am hoping that this article will increase the knowledge and the dialogue, within our community, about strokes and that maybe it will serve as an aid to prevention and give encouragement to others who may have suffered a stroke or are suffering from the effects.

First of all, let me open by saying that since my stroke, I have been in intensive rehabilitation, with miraculous improvements and God willing, hope to surface and return to my work in the first part of February. I surely want to give encouragement from my gained experience and knowledge. I am the beneficiary of prayer, and the expertise of a vast medical community. Strokes do not have to be totally debilitating, and your life is not over after a stroke.


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