Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Six Volume Set


Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Six Volume Set



The following contributions were made to the encyclopedia by HZ Zhong (UNO faculty) and JP Bowen:

  • Zhong HZ, and Bowen JP. Computer-assisted drug design, pp. 620-633.
  • Bowen JP and Zhong HZ. Computational Chemistry, pp. 600-614.

Pharmaceutical science deals with the whole spectrum of drug development from start to finish. There are many different facets to the pharmaceutical industry, from initial research to the finished product, including the equipment used, trials performed, and regulations that must be followed. Presenting an overview of all of these different aspects, the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Fourth Edition is a must-have reference guide for all laboratories and libraries in the pharmaceutical field. Bringing together leaders from every specialty related to pharmaceutical science and technology, this is the single-source reference at the forefront of pharmaceutical R&D.

The strength of this work is not only its breadth but also the caliber of contributing writers, all experts in their field, writing on all aspects of pharmaceutical science and technology. The fourth edition offers 29 new chapters ranging from biomarkers, computational chemistry, and contamination control to high-throughput screening, orally disintegrating tablets, and quality by design. The encyclopedia details best practices of equipment used, methods for manufacturing, options for packaging, and routes for drug delivery. The volumes also provide a thorough understanding of the choices behind each method. In addition, the regulations, safety aspects, patent guidance, and methods of analysis are presented.

Key Areas Covered:

    • Analytics
    • Biomarkers
    • Dosage forms
    • Drug delivery
    • Formulation
    • Informatics
    • Manufacturing
    • Packaging
    • Processing
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Systems validation

This is an authoritative reference source for those practicing in any area of pharmaceutical science and technology, enabling the pharmaceutical specialist and novice alike to keep abreast of developments in this constantly evolving and highly competitive field.



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Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Six Volume Set