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CPACS Urban Research Awards

Part of the mission of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS) is to conduct research, especially as it relates to concerns of our local and statewide constituencies. CPACS has always had an urban mission, and one way that mission is served is to preform applied research relevant to urban society in general, and the Omaha metropolitan area and other Nebraska urban communities in particular. Beginning in 2014, the CPACS Dean provided funding for the projects with high relevance to current urban issues, with the potential to apply the findings to practice in Nebraska, Iowa, and beyond.


Access Denied: Mapping inequity for urban (Black) Omaha - October 2014

Douglas County Adult Drug Court Evaluation Follow-Up: An examination of recidivism - February 2016

Listening to the Voices of Latinos in Omaha: Their experiences and ideas for improving access to health care - February 2017

Racial Disproportionality of Foster Care Outcomes in Omaha and Sarpy County - Fall 2016

Smart Urban Cities/Communities: leveraging information and communication technologies for improving local public services - April 2016

Stuff in the City: University Government Partnership to Build Hoarding Intervention Capacity - Fall 2015

Variability in the implementation of state-wide law across urban environments: A case study using sex offender law as an example - Fall 2016

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