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The evaluation and needs assessment study of Metropolitan Technical Community College included a survey of the professional staff at the College. A questionnaire was developed and delivered to the College administration for distribution to the faculty, administrators, and other professional staff. The administration was responsible for the distribution and collection of the survey instruments. Responses were received from 78 faculty, 44 administrators, and 14 other professional staff. This represents response rates of 75% for faculty and administrators and 93% for other professional staff. The remainder of this report will delineate a) the respondents' evaluations of Metro Tech's success in achieving its missions and goals; b) their ratings of 14 services and activities; c) their perceptions of unmet educational needs which Metro Tech should be attempting to satisfy and of the problem of expanded program offerings, and, finally, d) their perceptions of the strengths of Metropolitan Technical Community College and e) areas which they said needed improvement. An Appendix reproduces the questionnaire and all comments in response to open-ended questions.


Prepared for Metropolitan Technical Community College.