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During 1981-8 2 the Center for Applied Urban Research experienced an increased demand for services and was able to respond to this demand, even though the general economic climate was not the most supportive. Productivity was increased in all three of CAUR's mission categories: applied research, community service/technical assistance, and training. More projects were initiated in 1981-82 than at any time in the history of CAUR. While CAUR continued to serve its past clients, a number of new clients were also provided with services. These included communities such as McCook, Nebraska; agencies such as the Nebraska Development Center at Beatrice and the Neighborhood Housing Services in Omaha; and regional organizations such as the Nebraska Southcentral Rural Development Task Force and the Southwest Iowa Transportation Authority. Citizens across the state of Nebraska will be touched by the result of CAUR's effort in serving as a catalyst in organizing the Nebraska Coalition for Consumer Education. Educators in criminal justice and criminology will benefit from a CAUR project to house and provide support services to the office of the executive secretary for the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. CAUR also provided direct services to its parent institution, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, by undertaking studies in alumni participation, the economic impact of the university, and parking/mass transit usage.