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The present report aims to show the procedures and findings of an input-output study for the Omaha Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA). This study is based on national technical co-efficients and some simplifying assumptions, with 1963 as the base year. While it is provisional in the sense that this study may be improved through the use of additional data and relaxation of certain assumptions, this report will show some interesting aspects of the area's economy and trends of its development. In the meantime, it may also reveal some of the economic problems, challenges, and opportunities which exist in the Omaha area.

This report is divided into five parts: (l) objectives, methods, and sources, (2) primary findings and interpretations, (3) an example of the impact study--the Armour case, (4) predictions of the area's output to 1975 and 1990, and (5) summary and conclusions.


This report is one of a series based upon research conducted with the aid of funds provided by the Economic Development Council of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce.