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In Nebraska and elsewhere, individuals with disabilities should be receiving their education, vocational training, and employment in the same schools, training programs, businesses, and industries as individuals without disabilities, Generally, this requires some specific planning on the part of schools, generic job training programs, and employers. Such support may mean a minor modification in the environment, the acquisition of an aide, or financial assistance. By developing these support services, individuals with disabilities will not be limited to the few vocational opportunities offered by most segregated vocational workshops, but they will have access to a variety of career options.


This monograph is one of five reports produced for a research project conducted by the Center for Applied Urban Research, University of Nebraska at Omaha, and under a grant from the Nebraska Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Nebraska State Department of Health titled, "Models and Strategies for Finding the Least Restrictive Work Environment for Developmentally Disabled Persons."