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As we studied these programs, it became clear to us that most of these programs have some intrinsic values and that it would not be practical or advisable for us to evaluate the programs, Instead of rating programs, we selected programs that met at least one of our ten critical factors for program selection, and many of them met several. Our decisions were also based on a desire to present a variety of programs, especially those that seemed to be appropriate for program planners in Nebraska.

We thought that it would be best to have program personnel describe their programs. Thus, a principal staff member wrote the description of each program, Some program personnel did not respond in time to meet our publication deadlines. Therefore, some programs which may be known to many rehabilitation professionals may be missing from our listing. Our listing is not intended to be exhaustive nor is it intended to include only those programs that are considered noteworthy.


This monograph is one of five reports produced for a research project conducted by the Center for Applied Urban Research, University of Nebraska at Omaha, and under a grant from the Nebraska Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Nebraska State Department of Health titled, "Models and Strategies for Finding the Least Restrictive Work Environment for Developmentally Disabled Persons."

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