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This is a monograph about new careers for individuals that society has labeled disabled. It is not, however, about disabilities. Instead, it describes how society can effectively use the unique capabilities of each individual in the work place.

The principles outlined in this monograph could apply to any individual, not just those who have mental, physical, or emotional impairments. We believe that in the future successful career development will be the same for all individuals. Career planning which meets the needs of individuals with severe disabilities is presented as an alternative to the segregated workshop model of· the past.


This monograph is one of five reports produced for a research project conducted by the Center for Applied Urban Research, University of Nebraska at Omaha, and under a grant from the Nebraska Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Nebraska State Department of Health titled, "Models and Strategies for Finding the Least Restrictive Work Environment for Developmentally Disabled Persons."