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This is the third and final evaluation of a recreation program sponsored by the Omaha Parks, Recreation and Public Property Department in public housing facilities for the elderly. John A. Ballweg (1967) conducted the first evaluation and the second was conducted by Judy Kessler and George W. Barger with the assistance of Nancy C. Wilson (1968). Major questions to be considered here are:

1. What is the extent of participation in the recreation program among the residents?

2. Have patterns of social relationships changed since the subjects moved into public housing?

3. What types of friendship groups have developed within the apartment buildings?

4. How cohesive are the friendship groups in the buildings, and is this cohesiveness related to the degree of conformity to information group norms relative to the extent of participation in the recreation program?

5. Are these senior citizens "aging group conscious" (Rose, 1965a)? What attitudes and behaviors distinguish those persons showing aging group consciousness from those who do not?