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In 1931, five years after its founding, the Urban League of Nebraska co-sponsored a study of the social conditions of African Americans in North Omaha. Co-authored by T. Earl Sullenger, Professor of Sociology at what was then the Municipal University of Omaha, and J. Harvey Kerns, Executive Director of the Omaha Urban League, the study observed that, "In Omaha, as other cities North and South, the Negro is striving for status .... In spite of obstacles and handicaps he has established social and religious structures which have enriched the city. In this development, the credit belongs to both races- to the Negro himself, but no less to his socially"minded white neighbor who has materially contributed to his efforts. He asks not for alms, but opportunity" (Sullenger and Kerns 34). Sixty years later, the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the Urban League of Nebraska are continuing this tradition of cooperative research by publishing the present report.