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This issue of Review of Applied Urban Research features "Net In-Commuter Patterns to the Douglas County Urban Core And to the Omaha CBD."

Introduction During the past several decades workers have increasingly tended to live outside the area in which they are employed. The work area may be the core urban county in a large metropolitan area or the Central Business District (CBD) of the central city, but in either case such moves have tended to extend the average distance of the journey to work. Such moves have also led to the transfer of money in the form of paychecks out of the area in which the worker resides.1 Not all commuting, however, is one-way because some workers who live in a center commute to jobs outside. By subtracting the number of out-commuters from a center from the number of in-commuters to a center it is possible to obtain the net in-commuter total. This article examines the patterns of net in-commuters to Douglas County and the Omaha CBD.