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In September of 1971 The Regents' Commission on the Urban University of the 70's Report recommended that:

"... the Commission recommends that UNO bring educational opportunities to the people by further expansion and development of instruction in Program Centers away from the main campus ......... "

Since the receipt of that recommendation the University has established permanent and ad hoc program centers remote from the main campus (i.e., Center for Urban Education, Allwine Farm, sculpture lab and continuing studies in the WOW Building, YWCA, New Federal Building) in addition to continuing a search for a major facility in the "Downtown Central Core Area" of Omaha. Prior to the consideration of constructing a new facility, the University has explored numerous existing facilities relative to their adaptability for University uses and feasibility of acquisition via purchase or lease arrangements. The result of these investigations have all proved negative either for adaptability or financial reasons.