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This issue of Review of Applied Urban Research features "Metropolitan Omaha Condominium Directory, 1977," by Tom McCormick.

Although the terms condominium and townhome are commonly used interchangeably, they refer to related and yet distinct concepts. Condominium refers to a title concept under which the owner of a domicile holds title to the living space but not to the land surrounding that space or the land upon which the living space is situated . The land is jointly owned by members of the owners' association who share the responsibility for maintenance, improvement, and control of common areas. The condominium concept can be applied to single unit dwellings, as in the Oaks of Fontenelle development, to townhomes, the most common application in this area, or to high rise apartments, as in the 500 Building in Omaha. The concept may even be applied to space in office buildings such as the Essex Court in the Regency office complex.