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This issue of Review of Applied Urban Research features "UNO's Economic Impact on the Omaha SMSA," by Murray Frost and Rebecca S. Fahrlander.

This study measured the immediate economic impact of the University of Nebraska at Omaha on the Omaha Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area 1 in 1980-81. It focused only on the expenditures of the university itself, its faculty and staff, students, and visitors, and the multiplicative effect resulting from the spending of those dollars within the local economy. It did not examine more long-range or indirect economic impacts-e.g., the impact of the presence of the university upon the area's ability to attract new employers or key managers of established firms. Although the study noted the increased earnings resulting from a college degree, it did not make any other measurement of the value of a college education to the recipient, his/her family, or his/her community. Similarly, it did not measure the quality or value of the education, research, or services the university provides.