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This issue of Review of Applied Urban Research features "The Omaha Office Space Market: 1980-1984," by Donald A. Nielsen and Murray Frost.

This article is an update of the Omaha office space market study that was published in the February, 1983 issue of the Review fl[ Applied Urban Research.1 The purpose of this article is to provide a profile of the spatial concentration of the Omaha office space market2 over the period 1980 through 1984 by examining the evolving spatial pattern of development as well as office space distribution delineated on the basis of zip code areas. It identifies the current levels and trends for vacancies and rents for these areas.

Previous market stud ies conducted have been broad-based, concentrating on the entire Omaha geographical area or large sub-areas. They have allowed only general market findings to be reported. The present study is a micro-study that examines market characteristics by zip code area.