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This issue of Review of Applied Urban Research features "Soroban to Silicon Chip: A Look at Japanese Education," by Floyd T. Waterman.

During the 1982-83 school year, the U.S . Department of Education released the report of the President's Commission on Excellence in Education. The report concluded that American education had deteriorated until there was "A Nation at Risk." The writer had also taken note of the fact that on international comparisons, American students were far behind Japanese in the areas of mathematics and in the sciences. He therefore decided to go to Japan and study their educational system. The objectives were to study (1) Japanese culture today, (2) Japanese language, (3) women in leadership roles, (4) characteristics of high-achieving Japanese students in the areas of mathematics and science, and (5) the reasons why Japanese students surpass their American counterparts in these areas.

This article will not give detailed analysis of the research conducted. The analysis process is not yet completed, but some major portions of the studies are discussed in general terms.

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