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This report is concerned with housing and community development in the six county Riverfront Development Project (RDP) area. The six counties are: Douglas, Sarpy, and Washington Counties in Nebraska and Harrison, Mills, and Pottawattamie Counties in Iowa.

Delineations of the RDP study area and methodology and sample design for the 1973 Housing Survey are presented in Section One. A housing profile of 27 subareas is presented in Section Two. Changes in basic housing conditions for the six counties are presented in Section Three. Section Four provides an area-wide analysis of the 1973 Housing Survey, a 93 item questionnaire completed by 2,100 respondents. Subarea analysis is provided in Section Five. Constraints to fulfilling housing needs in the RDP are examined in Section Six. Included also is an analysis of land-use controls, building codes and code enforcement, property taxes, finances, and neighborhood conditions. Specific goals and recommendations for improving housing conditions in the RDP are presented in Section Seven.

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