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A partnership of the federal government and the states implement rural community development policy today, yet researchers rarely examine the nature and efficacy of this extensive intergovernmental collaboration. The authors collected data on Community Development Block Grant awards made by one state to small and rural communities for a variety of development projects over a period of more than ten years, and using a modified rural classification system detected patterns and trends in allocation. This study seeks to determine if a federally funded program assists states address the development needs of a diverse mix of rural communities. Do federal block grant programs help states meet rural community development policy objectives? This information should be helpful to local, state, and national government policy makers as they ponder proposals to reorganize dramatically the funding and implementation of community and economic development resources. Perhaps most importantly, this study will also help policy makers understand the complexity of the federal-state-local partnership for rural community development.


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Classification: Fips Code, County name, class code

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Nebraska counties Classified by Modified Urban Influence Code

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Total CDBG Awards Granted to Cities and Counties Aggregated and Mapped by County: 1993-2004

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Category of Highest Total CDBG Awards Granted to Cities and Counties Aggregated and Mapped by County 1993-2004