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Many industries across Nebraska are experiencing workforce shortages, and the transit industry is no exception. Recently, the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Public Affairs Research partnered with the Nebraska Safety Center at the University of Nebraska at Kearney to conduct a survey of transit drivers across Nebraska. This work is supported by an ongoing grant both Centers have with the Nebraska Department of Transportation to enhance rural transit operations throughout Nebraska. This survey was informed by an informal focus group with six transit managers representing the six different mobility management regions of Nebraska in the fall of 2022. A common concern among all transit managers was the ability to recruit and retain drivers for their agencies. Therefore, the purpose of this survey was to hear directly from drivers currently working in transit agencies about what can be done to better recruit and retain drivers. The driver survey was administered electronically and by mail. A Qualtrics survey link was sent to all transit managers in Nebraska to be forwarded to transit drivers. Additionally, paper surveys were sent to all transit agencies receiving 5311 grant funds. The survey had a 39% response rate, or 168 completed surveys. The survey was open for three weeks, from mid November through December. The survey was conducted and analyzed by CPAR. Not all respondents answered all questions so the number of responses may vary from question to question.