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Nebraska ranks 37th in the country for the rate of persons that report working from home (12%), according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey for 2021. Nebraska’s low rate of those that work from home, compared to other states, is likely a function of the work most people do in Nebraska. In Nebraska, more people work in low wage compared to high wage jobs, according to previous research from UNO CPAR. Low wage jobs, in 2021, are defined as below the median income for all workers, or approximately $41,500. “Low wage” jobs are more likely to require in-person work instead of allowing for remote work. Examples of these occupations include manufacturing, agriculture, retail, and food preparation. However, recent research demonstrates that the question used by the Census Bureau to gauge work from home status may underestimate because it fails to capture those that adopt a hybrid approach to work, including both time at a work location and time at home. Thus, it is likely that more people work remotely in Nebraska than is captured by this question. However, Nebraska’s rank among the states at 37 is likely accurate, since the underestimate would likely be true in other states as well. In response to questions about remote workers in Nebraska that work in another state, we can examine data from the same source that explores where someone reports living compared to where they report working.