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Editor's Note: The 1975 Legislative Session of the Nebraska Legislature recognized the need to analyze all available options for dealing with the problems of urban redevelopment: lack of adequate housing, revitalization of older business districts, and possible incentives for investment in older neighborhoods in Nebraska. Accordingly, Resolution 53 directed the Legislature's Urban Affairs Committee to study a) causes of urban decay, b) current Federal and State programs in urban redevelopment, c) laws and programs of other states that encourage redevelopment, d) incentives to encourage urban redevelopment and e) needs for changes in Nebraska law. The study here summarized was completed by the Center for Applied Urban Research under contract with the Urban Affairs Committee of the Nebraska Legislature and the State Office of Planning and Programming as one aspect of the larger program. The study was designed a) to ascertain the demand for housing and business investment funds and the factors which dis~ courage such investment in declining neighborhoods of Nebraska's two major metropolitan cities, Omaha and Lincoln, and in Nebraska's nonmetropolitan communities, and b) to recommend areas for consideration by the administrative and legislative branches of the Nebraska government. The study was financed in part through a comprehensive planning assistance grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under contract with the Nebraska Legislature and the Nebraska State Office of Planning and Programming. Comprehensive Planning Grant, Project No. NEB-P-7070.


Review of Applied Urban Research, Vol. 4, No. 4