Highlights from January 31, 2018 National Center for Health Statistics Report titled “Births: Final Data for 2016” with Comparison to Prior Data on Births

David Drozd


This annual report from the National Center for Health Statistics shows a variety of statistics related to births and the characteristics of mothers. While trends in births by age of mother tend to get more attention, trends in the number and rate of births by race and ethnicity are also important. This summary describes such trends over time. Birth-related data by race and ethnicity using current standard definitions go back to 1989. However, rates influenced by population totals are more consistent from 1990 onward, given the availability of 1990 and subsequent decennial census results. Thus, we can readily compare figures over a 27-year timeframe from 1990 to 2016 (for comparison to earlier data, the 2016 data from supplemental tables for “bridged” racial categories are used in this analysis).