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Population Reports for Nebraska


Information from the 2000 Census released on March 15th by the US Census Bureau put Nebraska’s population at 1,711,263 persons. This was an 8.4 percent increase since the 1990 Census count.

The state’s population grew in two ways: births exceeded deaths, and more people moved into the state than moved out. The difference between births and deaths is referred to as natural change. If births exceed deaths, there is a natural increase in population; but if deaths exceed births, there is natural decrease in population. The difference between the number of people who move into an area and those who move out is net migration. Net inmigration adds to an area’s population and means that more people moved into an area than out of an area. Net outmigration, on the other hand, subtracts from an area’s population and means that more people moved out of an area than moved into an area.