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The following tables and graphs look at the number and percentage of children by comparing their families’ incomes to the poverty level. The data are from a U.S. Census Bureau program called the American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS is an ongoing, nation-wide survey conducted every month. Each year approximately 1 in 40 persons are sampled. During the past 5 years in Nebraska, there has been an average of about 40,000 persons interviewed per year.

While this annual number of interviews is adequate for state-level summaries, for smaller levels of geography like counties and legislative districts, only 5-year data are available for analysis. The estimates contained in this report are based on the both the single-year 2011 ACS and the 5-year 2007-2011 ACS. The 5-year estimates are period estimates. They represent the characteristics of the population over the specific data collection period.