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A message from Senator Tanya Cook, Chair of the Legislature’s Planning Committee 2015-2016

The Legislature’s Planning Committee serves a vital role in the Nebraska Unicameral. In an era of term limits, the Planning Committee provides future-focused, data-driven research for senators to use in crafting smart, effective policies.

The 2015 Database Update continues to highlight nine key benchmarks – Economy, Agriculture, Natural Resources, State and Local Government, Education, Health and Human Services, Public Safety, Transportation, and Telecommunications – that give a well-rounded picture of the state’s strengths, struggles, and opportunities.

The Planning Committee owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. John Bartle and Jerry Deichert, who have worked tirelessly since the Committee’s founding to ensure the best, most accurate data is provided to Nebraska’s policymakers. Thanks are also in order for the staffers and students at the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s College of Public Affairs and Community Service, as well as the other professors and researchers who have worked with the Committee over the years.

I hope the data in this update will inform and inspire ever better policy decisions and discussions in Nebraska. The Planning Committee’s collection of studies and data resources will only continue to grow, and I trust that Nebraska’s policymakers will continue to utilize the information wisely.

Senator Tanya Cook
Legislative District 13