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This final report documents the major findings of the evaluation of the Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI Year-6), also referred to locally as the Soaring Over Methamphetamine and Suicide Program (SOMS), funded by the Indian Health Service (IHS), Division of Behavioral Health. The University of Nebraska at Omaha, Consortium for Organizational Research and Evaluation (CORE) contracted with the Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition (NUIHC) to provide technical assistance in completing this evaluation and the report.

The evaluation study consists of information collected and analyzed from three sources: 1) a review and summary of program-implementation, process and outcome data that was collected and reported in semi-annual and annual grant reports to IHS, 2) in-person interviews with NUIHC administrators and staff to gather additional program-evaluation information and 3) evaluations of program assessment initiatives undertaken by NUIHC to better understand and provide services for the client population. The study also includes recommendations to improve both NUIHC MSPI-program performance and evaluation efforts in future years.