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Program Evaluation


The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) defines intercity bus service as “regularly scheduled bus service for the general public that operates with limited stops over fixed routes connecting two or more urban areas not in close proximity, that has the capacity for transporting baggage carried by passengers and that makes meaningful connections with scheduled intercity bus service to more distance points, if such service is available.”

In rural states like Nebraska, intercity bus services are used most often to connect rural areas with larger urbanized areas.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) partnered with the Advance team to conduct an assessment of statewide intercity bus services. The objectives of this assessment include the following:

1. Identify existing intercity bus services.

2. Interview intercity bus services providers.

3. Conduct public information open houses.

4. Gather public input to identify gaps in services.

5. Summarize the information gathered.

6. Develop an action plan to address intercity bus services needs.

7. Share the study findings with the transportation community and the general public.