Conference proceedings and presentations by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice faculty members are collected here.

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Submissions from 2021


Variations in Victim Presence in Restorative Youth Conferencing Programs: The Use of Surrogate Victims Increases Reparation Completion, Anne Hobbs, Ana Cienfuegos-Silvera, and Lindsey E. Wylie


Human Rights in the Time of COVID-19: An Interview with Sam Walker, Religious Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Teresa C. Kulig; and Sam Walker

Submissions from 2019


Employing an Intentional Mentoring Model for Delinquent Youth., Anne M. Hobbs

Submissions from 2013


Assessing Youth Early in the Juvenile Justice System, Anne M. Hobbs, Timbre Wulf-Ludden, and Jenna Strawhun