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Barbara Costello and Trina Hope contribute to the literature on peer influence in the areas of crime and conformity by exploring questions and using simple methodologies that have been long overlooked by criminologists. The authors argue that despite decades of work confirming that delinquent youth often have delinquent friends and a lot of deviant behavior happens in groups, we still know little about the mechanisms of peer influence. The authors note that because criminologists have long operated based on the assumption that peer influence is negative, the field has ignored the potentially positive effects that peers can have on one another. Costello and Hope investigate three questions: (1) Do friends have a causal influence on deviant behavior and what are the mechanisms through which this might happen? (2) Are positive influence attempts by friends commonplace and what are the mechanisms of positive influence? and (3) What is the relationship between social and self-control and the frequency and success of influence attempts?


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