The Complete Guide to Institutional Repositories


The Complete Guide to Institutional Repositories

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This authoritative text will be a trusted reference for library directors implementing new IR programs or overseeing a maturing program, current professionals who find themselves with added IR responsibilities, and new librarians entering the job market.

The Institutional Repository (IR) has become standard to the academic library in the past decade. In fact, some 5,000 are listed in open access directories. However, IR operations are anything but standard. You are not alone in your challenges, whether it’s discovery of born-digital content or policies for deposit and withdrawal. This resource gathers expertise to offer a comprehensive guide on contemporary institutional repository management. Readers will sharpen their understanding of such key IR topics as

  • managing complexity task-by-task using a detailed breakdown of IR projects;
  • six crucial elements every deposit policy should address;
  • using the SHERPA RoMEO database to quickly locate publisher policies;
  • policy development, community outreach, and open source software testing, illuminated through case studies;
  • metadata basics for the non-cataloger;
  • authority control for electronic theses, dissertations, and grey literature;
  • workflow suggestions for small and mid-sized institutions;
  • showcasing undergraduates’ work with student peer-reviewed journals, photography, or theater performances;
  • promoting faculty engagement with awards and recognition; and
  • copyright fundamentals all staff who interact with the IR should know.



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University of Nebraska at Omaha's faculty member, Craig Finlay (Stephen Craig Finlay) wrote chapter 8: Staffing and Workflow for Institutional Repositories and can be accessed here

The Complete Guide to Institutional Repositories