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Language: Pashto

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Said Jamaludin Afghani Press




This book was identified to Archives and Special Collections staff by a researcher as being one of the textbooks containing violent imagery.

From 1986 through 1994, the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Afghanistan Studies, under a grant from the United States Agency for International Development, funded the printing and distribution of Pashto and Dari textbooks in Afghanistan. The textbooks included violent imagery, both in the text and the illustrations, promoting jihad against the Soviet invaders who occupied Afghanistan at that time. The Center for Afghanistan Studies and USAID both assert that the content of the textbooks was provided by the Afghan mujahideen resistance groups, not by CAS or USAID. Although official printing of the textbooks with the violent imagery ceased circa 1989-1992, old copies and unauthorized reprints continued to circulate in Afghanistan.

Published in Solar Hijri year 1372. Cataloged from English-language notes and romanized notes laid in book. Romanization system unidentified. Record requires review by a cataloger with Pashto language expertise

Tarikh de wam tolgi lapar

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