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This study analyzed the pretest and posttest data from ISLLC Standards surveys and the Administrator Disposition Index surveys to determine the growth in knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the candidates in the Masters/Endorsement program in Educational Administration and Supervision at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (n = 135). The data were collected from electronic student portfolios when the candidates first entered the program and again when they were enrolled in the end of program practicum field experience. The results of the study indicate that students who successfully completed the leadership program described, believed in themselves and expressed a readiness to assume the mantle of leadership. The development of an electronic portfolio provides candidates with real time access to program goals, individual progress, and a gathering place for artifacts demonstrating growth. The results of this study can be very useful when planning and improving program and program delivery. This data and analyses have also been used to report program success to accrediting bodies and to update and improve course content.


Published in Educational Leadership Review: Portland Conference Special Edition, pp. 121-130, October 2011. Used by permission. Original version can be found at