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Research on reported sexual grooming between teachers and students began somewhere around the 1980s but, with the arrest of former Pennsylvania State football coach Jerry Sandusky for numerous counts of child sexual abuse, the concept of sexual grooming became more public and recognized in the most recent decade. Following the Sandusky cases, sexual grooming has been implicated in other high-profile organizations involving such large groups as the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, and numerous public and private school. (Winters, Jeglic, & Kaylor, 2020) Sexual abuse tactics have been found to be used by 30-45% of child sexual abusers (Canter, Hughes and Kirby 1988; Groth and Birnbaum, 1978) indicating that sexual abuse by a trusted adult (teacher, coach, leader) is often preceded with grooming activities priming a child to be lured into a sexual relationship of some sort.