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Inexperienced teachers' perceived classroom effectiveness of their planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities domains were analyzed to determine the effects of active follow-up compared to information-based follow-up of classroom management training (N = 50). Inexperienced teachers enrolled in I Can Do It Classroom Management Training were randomly assigned to active follow-up to the training (n = 24) or information-based follow-up to the training (n = 26). As reflected by the pretest and posttest evaluation form measuring their perceived effectiveness in the domains of planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities, teachers participating in active follow-up of the training demonstrated statistically significant growth in each of the domains. Teachers participating in the information-based follow-up demonstrated little or no growth in each of the domains. Pretest-posttest and posttest-posttest analysis of perceptions of teachers engaged in active follow-up demonstrated significant growth in three of the domains identified in the professional development model and significantly higher classroom effectiveness scores than teachers engaged in information-based follow-up. The study's results should encourage district officials to look at professional development and the type of follow-up included in staff development initiatives.


Published in International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 5(4), November 2010. Used by permission. The original version can be found at