Date of Award

Fall 2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Jeanne L. Surface


Numerous amounts of research have been invested into secondary co-teaching. However, results show that secondary co-teaching is not effectively occurring despite volumes of research information. Increased assessments, scheduling difficulties, and a vast curriculum are factors making co-teaching difficult. Another phenomenon found in secondary teachers is called the knowing/doing gap. Secondary co-teachers are knowledgeable of what is needed to effectively co-teach but do not apply their knowledge into effective actions within the classroom. The purpose of this research was to identify what school leaders can do to overcome secondary co-teaching obstacles and close the knowing doing gap. The objective of this research was to develop steps school leaders can implement that will improve secondary co-teaching.

Capturing teacher's voices were important for this study. The action plan is validated from the experiences and ideas of those who work and have co-teaching experiences. Secondary co-teachers participated in semi-structured interviews that identified themes that impact co-teaching. Further constant comparisons of each theme targeted what school leaders can do to improve co-teaching. These conversations dug deep into experiences and actions that have overcome or greatly reduce co-teaching challenges. As a result, this research revealed three essential themes necessary for co- teaching and action steps school leaders should apply in their buildings. Each of the themes below are described in detail along with action steps needed to ensure each theme is met.

Secondary co-teaching is not consistently occurring in classrooms. I respect and have experiences challenges teams face. This study has created a plan with specific actions that can be taken to improve secondary co-teaching. By closing the knowing doing gap and offering a systematic approach offered from this study I hope secondary schools are now provided means to improve teaching and learning in co-taught classrooms.


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